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I knew these cats existed,and I think that things like extra toes,missing or extra limbs,etc.,make something more beautiful.I love this pic.It's really cool.I always thought it added to the beauty of the animal.Also,I heard they can have up to nine,or ten(I think)toes.
i have not long found out about these - as i have a 10 week old polydactyl kitten, it just looks like she has thumbs!
There are lots of them in Key West, Florida. The cats are known as Hemingway cats because the famous author, Ernest Hemingway, had a number of them. You'll find them all over the island, treated as special pets with free run in the stores, parks, etc. His home there is now a Hemingway Museum and the non-profit that runs it cares for a number of the cats and sells the kittens as fundraisers. They are very selective about who gets to adopt them.
Locally, in our neighborhood, about ten years ago, there was an enormous black and white male, a tuxedo cat, that started wanting in at the back door. Clean, groomed, no collar or tags, well-mannered and always willing to have a bite to eat!
He had a six toe thing going on. He was in and out for two years and then he disappeared. The original owners searched for him but he was never seen again. We compared noted and figured out that he was visiting a half dozen homes in the area. No wonder he was so darn big! Some people had moved and that was probably when he went. They probably thought he was a stray like a lot of us did.
I have a mama cat that just had 5kittens. 2yellow and 3black with some white markings...the whole litter is poly. One has poly on both front and back paws... I also have a 5 month old female kitten that is poly. They are so adorable....I love their little paws. They are adorable when they walk and play...
I have a Pixie Bob that's polydactyl . She also has extra on the back feet!
I own a polydactyl cat.
Her momma was one also.
I named her PeeDee .
Short for polydactyl.
She turned 17 years old in March.

Yes I would and I have and I miss him my name is amber traylor

I have a new litter of 6. Have you seen the price they go for? All are female, except 1, some of them have 5 back toes too.

$300 - $500