Have you ever seen a polydactyl cat, guys? They are also called mitten foot, mitten cat or thumb cat. I hadn't known such a thing was possible... until yesterday. Look at the picture below .

At first I thought there was something wrong with my eyes, but then it proved that the cat had 7 toes! Wow. Would you own such a cat or this looks too much for you?
As to me, I don't care how many toes a cat has - they all can be sweet and gorgeous, even though unusual. I have never come across such a cat in real life, by the way.
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Yeah, I knew such cats existed, and I always found it amazing. I think polydactyly gives a cat even more natural mystery because such cats do look enigmatic. Emotion: nodding
Polydactyl cats give me the creeps. I don't know if I'd consider having one - but who knows.
I think the cat has 6 toes actually, Ruslana.
Of course such cats are really bizarre and some may call them ugly (for instance, isn't polidactyly a reason for disqualification in cat shows?) but there is something desperately attractive in these kitties.
I had a black polydactyl cat once. A truly magestic creature. Some of my friedns were afraid of her. Emotion: big smile
Cats have five toes on their front paws and four on their back. Emotion: smile
But I think the picture above is so sweet. <3

Cats are precious.

-Kelli Lorraine. <link removed by mod; please register and add it to your profile, thanks!>
I have a 4-month old polydactyl female tortoishell -- Mary Magdalene. Her coloring splits her nose completely in half -- black and orange, with a partially black leg and an orange a while leg that match the sides of her nose. She has six perfectly formed front toes -- with opposible thumbs -- and 5 back claws. She's a little thing, but with HUGE feet. Cutest kitty you've ever seen. Hilarious, too when she hops around like a bigfoot.

They're here, and they're real, these polytorties!

Tim, Seattle
i actually though it was rather commen..well not commen as such but not too rare kind of along the lines as left handed people maybe? i think its its adorable but i love abnormalities in animals...missing limbs,extra heads (in extreme cases) blindness or eye colours being different or in this case extra toes...i want them all it makes me love them so much more! (my cat has curled up ears and half his tail fell off..)
Hokay, here I am a cat lover and I've never heard of this!
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