Hi guys. I need your advice. I have a 10 weeks old golden retriever puppy. He is very smart and learns so fast. My problem is at nights. during the day he has been potty trained in the house. (because of the vaccination the doctor told me to keep him inside for 3 month then I can teach him to go outside) he has two places for doing his potty. during the day and when he is alone by himself and im at work he never makes mistakes, but at night it seems like he forgets all about it. he poops even pees( which he learned in two days to do it in its special spot!) in random places specially around the peeing pad. I sleep in the bedroom and he has the living room . my flat is not big and the living room is like a room for him. last night I though maybe he feels alone and wants to gain attention so I slept on the couch and then I woke up and saw he has pooped everywhere and he is trying to rip the newspapers . its like he is digging the newspapers. I don't know what to do. I love him and I don't want to train him bad that I regret it in the future.

Have you considered crate training ? You'll probably need it in two weeks anyway because you'll have to start housebreaking him.

Crate training can take time so what you can do more quickly is to reduce his water intake an hour or two before bed time. More water means more accidents. When you're at home, watch him closely and observe how much time he needs between relieving himself. If that's, let's say, 2 hours, you'll need to set your alarm to wake you up every 2 hours so you can take him to the elimination spot. This is not fun, I know, but this is often the only way to make him do the right thing. Don't go to bed again until he's done his business. Teach him the "go potty" command if he doesn't know it. It should help you greatly to encourage him to pee or poo. If he has a night or two without accidents, you can increase the time between these night breaks by 30 mins. Do it after every successful night until you don't need night breaks anymore.

thanks for replying Raphael:) . I'm a little out of money this month. I bought him the best food the vet told me and take him to the best Veterinary in Ankara, turkey I know and for the first months the price of the vaccination is a little bit high in here. can I put him in a empty room at nights? does that work as a crate? if not I will definitely buy him a crate.
Hi again,

Even a small room is usually too large for a puppy, so I'd go for a crate anyway. If you're short of money, you can start the waking up practice while you're saving up. You'll need to wake up at night anyway when you crate train him, so the idea is to just start doing what you can do right now.

Thanks Emotion: smile I will start from tonight.
I'm not a dog pro but can it be he doesn't like the smell of the pads after the whole day of using them? I realize you clean the spots but pets can be so picky about the lightest smells!
I change the news paper 2 times a day, just leaving some for him to recognize the spot again
Raphael has given you very good advice, and it does work with lots of love and patience.

I understand that you are very short of funds, so here is a possible solution for you. FreeCycle is a world-wide organization where you can get a great many things for free. Here is the link for all of the groups in Turkey ... http://www.freecycle.org/group/TR/Turkey ... just click on the ones that are closest to you, and join up. You will be amazed at what you will find there for NO money. Emotion: smile Emotion: gift

How is it going? Any improvement so far?