Our 51/2 month kitten Finn is 81/2 lbs. He is very muscular and lean. Is it too soon to predict his full adult weight? ps we're not concerned whether is weight is normal/abnormal but our 9yr old, Dude is definately having trouble holding his alpha status in the house. Dude is of the 'chill' philosophy and Finn is, well.....NOT.
My cat is named Finnegan and he's a Maine Coon. Is your Finn a Maine Coon? he sounds big! I really don't know how to predict adult weight other than the breed of the cat.
He looks like a big yellow tabby, no grey on him. But he is very takative and I have thought maybe that's why he's so big. Or maybe he just seems big because our other cat Dude is a rather compact grey (9lb).
If you look on my profile page you'll see my big orange cream tabby. He's a Maine Coon. You'll be able to see some of the traits and see if that's what your cat looks like. When he talks does he make a sound like a trill?