So near the middle of last month, my little Chi had her first heat cycle. After that, I could have sworn she was pregnant. Her nipples swelled up and even her tummy swelled. But her nipples are back to normal and she has not gained any more weight. Was she ever pregnant to begin with? Did she have a miscarriage? I am utterly confused.
I've never been breeding but I wonder if that could be just hormonal changes as the dog grew mature? I think you'd have noticed bloody discharge if it was a miscarriage. In either case if you want to be sure she's OK now you can show her to a vet.
Yes, I think you would have noticed a miscarriage. However if she wasn't far along maybe not. Has her behavior changed at all?
sounds like false pregnancy...quite common...spaying will stop ir
Yes it def sounds like a false pregnancy. Your dogs hormones were just out of wack after going into heat. My dog suffered from this multiple times and she would "nest" and take care of her "baby" (whatever stuffed toy she really liked at the time). Her ninnies also swelled and she even would lactate. Our vet recommended not breeding her and having her neutered because a real pregnancy would cause health problems for her and possibly cause problems with the puppies.
Spayed* not neutered. She is a female Emotion: wink oops