I'm doing a research about tail docking. Would you please share your thoughts about it, both good and bad. Your help is very much appreciated. Emotion: smile
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I don't care for tail docking. I don't understand why it's a "breed standard" for some dogs when it's not natural. Dogs use their tails for balance when they run, so it's actually not doing them any good at all. The same goes for ear cropping! I see it as cutting off pieces of a pet's body just to show them off. It's disturbing.
Same thoughts. Nature gave the tails and ears to dogs for a reason. If there was no reason they wouldn't be born like they are. I don't think people should try to re-design nature's idea.
In some countries, tail docking is illegal! That should be a good indicator that the issues related to tail docking are pretty serious. And I'm talking about big first world countries, half of Europe has already signed this bill. Besides the pain which, let's be honest, isn't really a prevalent issue to most people, it can cause long term problems that are irreversible and there for expensive to treat. (I know, Its sad that money will always be more important than their welfare.) I'm no expert but I've heard docked dogs suffer from severe arthritis when they get older. I've even heard of dogs needing a full hip replacement because of it. Somebody else said balance, that's why the arthritis occurs. Also, animals use their tails to help them go potty. From what I've read, they can develop a perineal hernia. I can assure you, hernias are no joke. they're incredibly painful and require Surgery. They can also become constipated. Chronic constipation can result in a number of ailnesses in the colon, rectum, pancreas, and intestines. Many of which could become serious or fatal, or at the very least expensive to treat. as for pros on tail docking, it's aesthetically pleasing to some people. It's doggy cosmetic surgery. tail docking and ear cropping are considered standard for some breeds, so people that want to register their dog as an AKC purebred (show dog) tend to opt for the procedure. So household pets really don't have any reason to get docked. If you want to read up on this for your report, you can google "tail docking issues" or "tail docking pros and cons". Try to use factual websites, because there are a lot of opinion pages that aren't appropriate for journalism and school reports. Hope I helped, good luck! Emotion: smile
Tail docking and ear cropping are extremely inhumane and I've signed many petitions to stop this practice. I don't understand how a naturally looking dog can be considered less beautiful than an abused by those manipulations animal. Humans can always opt out of cosmetic surgery but dogs aren't always so lucky. In fact no one asks THEM. Emotion: swear
Just a quick two cents:
Some dogs who are big and strong enough can cause serious bruising with their happy tail wagging.
This cannot be an excuse to physically injure them. This is a matter of dealing with dog's over excitement and managing its behavior. Seriously. Tail docking must not be a way to solve this 'problem'!
If your dog is brusing you with his tail, don't stand behind him O_O I agree with Rigel. Don't cut off your pup's tail for being happy.

I don't think there are any realistic reasons why tail docking is a good thing.

I second those who think tail docking must not take place.

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