I have a question to cat owners, especially if you have experience in keeping indoor and outdoor cats.

My mom and I have been arguing about what's better for our one and a half year old cat, a rescue. Mom says we should let her outside because that's where cats are meant to live, that they are very well adapted for the wild, and that they feel happier there because they are in their natural habitat. I parry that it might have been be so 100 years ago when there were fewer cars and other dangers that modern cats can face, and that cats can live happily even if they're just indoors.

We've come to no agreement. We're stuck. We both want the best for our cat, but we can't decide what is best. Can we please have others's opinions?
I'm with you. I think they can get too many diseases, get in fights with other cats and other animals, get hit by vehicles, etc. I think it's just as easy to get a harness and take them out in the yard to get their fill of the outdoors. Or a cat pen! Those work great! But my kitties will never be outdoor kitties. I've lost too many kitties years ago to being outdoor cats and won't go through that again.
I'm with you too. Indoor cats can be as happy as any other cat if they are given attention and interaction. Does your mom want to let your cat outside because you don't have time to spend with her? I'd just consider getting a second cat then. Outdoor cats are known to have shorter lives because they are exposed to more dangers. Inborn wild cats have learnt to never trust humans and to be on their guard at all times, they are therefore more adapted to outside living and survival. Domesticated cats who are let outside may not be aware of how many dangers are out there, for example they may not realize that many humans are not as kind as their owner if you know what I mean. I believe outdoor cats have to have a suspicious and cautious streak to survive in the city.
Thanks for your opinions! I'll tell this all to mom and hopefully she'll understand! Emotion: shake hands I just don't get it why she won't listen to ME solely and there should always be someone else to tell her the same thing. Arrgh!
That's how some parents are. Mine are the same way. Frustrating isn't it!? Emotion: hmm