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Just read about your problem. My question is, "Who gave ... declaw your cat? Myself, I would give the rug back.

Some of us have cats that don't hurt our rugs. Emotion: wink (guardian of 3 fully clawed cats and owner of one rather nice persian rug)

MM. I have a Persian rug actually a few of them. Hairballs are more of a problem than clawing is. OTOH, I put a cheap Berber downstairs where the new cats are acclimating. They do like to scratch that!

Jean B., 12 miles west of Boston, Massachusetts, USA
I put the second cheapest off-white berber carpet all over my downstairs and up the staircase and soon will do the upstairs. It looks beautiful and I get compliments on it. With three cats (including a baby kitten) they do not seem to claw at it at all. They have vertical and horizontal scratchpads.

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Hiya. Have a supremely annoying and occasionally affectionate 9-month old kitten and an older and loving tuxedo cat. Was just ... 100% effective, cause she'll still probably occasionally scratch it like when she's bored, stretching or deliberately misbehaving. Any advice? Thanks[/nq]First off God Bless you for not considering declawing. Anyway, I know this may not seem really helpful but I'm amazed how it helped both me at my house and also my mother. She has a rug somewhat similar to the one you described and it's 100% wool. We got those cardboard scratchers you find at the pet store or even in most grocery stores for about $5 to $10 depending on what size you get.

Keep in covered in cat nip which usually comes with it. And the cat's seem to love it SO much that they don't even touch the rug in yours and my Mother's case, and my new living room suit in mine. I know all cats don't like the same things but my mom has 4 cat's and I have two and they ALL seem to LOVE the cardboard scratchers. Cosmic Kitty puts out a nice one.
Good luck