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We got the leather loveseat and couch for the same room, removing all upholstered furniture from the room. THEY HAVE NOT touched the leather!!!

I wish we could say the same..We have a new leather deskchair (well, okay, new a year ago) and my cat has shredded the seat of it. She loves the feel of it, and she just claws away. It's like a $300-400 chair that we got for free from work when new furniture was purchased.
She has other places that she can claw and she claws those also, but she likes to sleep in the chair, then STRETCH out and claw on the seat.

Whatcha gonna do? She's 16, she's going deaf, she's got a problem with one ear. (Small polyp that's deep inside, needs to be removed, but the vet doesn't like putting her under to do it because of the lumpyness of her kidneys. No problems with them yet, but she has had a few problems with sudden weight loss, & elevated calcium for no reason found despite $1000 worth of testing last year...it went away after 4 months.)
I suppose we could cover the chair, or put foil on it, or something to make it not "nice" to her..but she loves that chair and she's old. Why do something we'll regret after she dies? The chair makes her so happy, we should let her keep sleeping and clawing it, it's only a chair. If company doesn't like the fact that it's messed up, oh well. They probably won't like my cats either in that case.
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But would a scat mat keep a cat from clawing the side of the couch? ~kaeli~

no - it's only good for the pee problem! Never showed any interest in clawing, and "launch" marks disappeared easily, as good leather "heals" itself.

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The only thing our cat does to our leather furniture is crawl in the back and hide. We have a Lane dual reclining leather sofa and our kitty goes in through the back where the couch separates for use as a recliner. One day we could not find kitty and called for her. We heard her meow and thought she was under the couch. She then appeared through the split opening in the back. This is the ONLY time she ever goes near the leather sofa. She has never scratched or even jumped up on it.

She always jumps on our cloth furniture, but rarely scratches these as well. We purchased a floor to ceiling platform climbing tower ($29 - walmart) and she is content to scratch on that. Best purchase we ever made. Fun to watch her climb to the ceiling. She also loves to scratch our carpet runner when we roll it up to clean the floor. In fact, I may just make a scratching post out of the material. She loves that carpet runner.