Are there side effects of giving prozac to dogs? Is it effective treatment of dog aggression?
A vet prescribed it for my Doberman who's very aggressive to everyone who comes over. I have to lock him in a room when I have visitors but he won't stop barking and trying to get out. It only happens when we are at home. During walks he's indifferent to people we meet. But I walk him on a least always just in case 'cause seeing him so aggressive made me wary. He's not always been like this. He was a great friendly puppy but something went wrong about a year ago. My Dobbie is 3 y/o now. He's neutered.
I don't see any reason to give him prozac, other then the fact he doesn't sound so bad that you should consider it, there are many natural products that can help instead. I don't know what the deal is, but vet's are not the people to turn to for behavior issues and they seem to turn to prozac and medication instead of dealing with the problem, they are not behavior experts or dog trainers and that's fine but he's not brain damaged or has a psychological problem that is not fixable, giving him drugs is just taking the easy way just like using shock collars (bark? zap!! thats easy, don't deal with the problem just shut him up and let him live in fear of getting shocked if he opens his mouth ever again). call a dog behaviorist (not a dog trainer, there's a difference, he can teach your dog how to sit, doesn't mean your dog's gonna sit when he is in the middle of flipping out), read books and articles and learn how to deal with it and solve the problem, if your having problems with him not listening to you, take him on longer walks (especially since he is a doberman, I would say he needs at least two or three 30 minute walks a day if not more) drain his energy, he will be too tired to spend so much time barking and fighting with you. if you are still looking for a remedy to help calm him down search for natural stuff like sprays, and scents and stay away from drugs. don't take the easy way because its not going to solve the problem.

I strongly agree with the post above. Unless there's true necessity and all other ways have been tried I wouldn't consider such strong medications.