I've noticed my cat would eat some pumpkin with his usual wet food. I wonder if it's safe if I keep giving him some? How much of it can he have?
As long as its just pumpkin and NOT pumpkin filling which is used in pies and has sugar in it, pumpkin is EXCELLENT. It's a very safe food and a great source of fiber. Just make sure not to give TOO much so you don't constipate them. It's the same as with people. Too much can be a problem and cause either poops or backups. LOL. But yes! Very good food. Some foods even contain pumpkin in it now.
Yes I was talking about fresh unflavored pumpkin. Is a teaspoon a day enough or too much?
yes a teaspoon is fine. All the better if you can find one that's organic. I use a brand called Farmer's Market. What a difference from regular store bought pumpkin! My kitties LOVE it!
Thank you so much!
My Missy is almost 14yrs and she loves pumpkin, will even eat the skin. LOLEmotion: giggle maybe she was a human in a former life as she like several veges.
How nice! What other veggies does she like?