please Help me!!!

My 1 Year old kitty got bitten by a wild animal when i was out of town and when i came back i noticed that she having a fever of highly punctures. her back right side leg skin is totally finished and lil bit from her neck too. i can see her leg bone clearly. i took her to vet today and he gave me a bandage and spray for treatment but when i apply on my cat leg she feel extreme pain and hide herself somewhere so i am facing very problem in treating her and it's also difficult to go to hospital twice a day for dressing. so please help me what should i do? is there any anesthesia i should give her or what? i also scared from her scratches as she cuts on my hand when she felt pain in result my hand was bleeding and i think it's dangerous because that bacteria can be transmitted.
I think the vet should be doing those things for you! Or can someone help you hold her? Poor thing I hope she will be okay.
get to emergency vet ASAP doesn't mattersomeone there hep u hold her just wrap in a towel or carrier and go. just drive e man if she crabbiest or bad infection from animal seams like racoon or possumn don't know what area ur in. jade
I would take her straight to the vet and yeah just wrap her in a small sheet and go!
I wish you and her all my luck and happiness for the future(: