my 12 week old pup swallowed a mushy 3 inch piece of rawhide about 24 hrs ago. she is still eating and drinking and had normal bowel movements till tonight and now is very runny. but she is acting normal. Any ideas??
Small pieces can pass through the digestive tract without problem but large pieces can cause intestinal blockages. Rawhide is also known to swell when wet. Can you call a vet and tell them what happened with the details (dog's age, size, size of rawhide swallowed, when swallowed) and see if they want you to bring the dog in?

How is your puppy doing now? I hope he is all right but I would call a vet if I were in your shoes. Runny stool already indicates something is not OK.

I know how you feel, it's always worrying. I wish him to be fine.