german shepherd puppies imported lines.4 males 2 females ready june 3
2004 working lines from v and va rated progeny.Belgium german lines
750.00 plus shipping and crate. odessa texas (Email Removed)!BE!63!F024E67AD9D6/samatha51/WESTTEXASGERMAN
Wow, you have no confidence at all in the future health of your puppies.

"If this dog develops crippling hip dysplasia at anytime from purchase to one year of age (confirmed by ex-rays from a competent licenced veterinarian).The dog must be returned to us at the expense of the buyer."
A one year "guarantee"? I know of pet shops that can do better than that. You want the dog returned? So you are really making sure that no one who actually cares about their dog will ask the "guarantee" to be enforced. If the first puppy ends up crippled so young why on earth would anyone want another puppy?
A responsible breeder of German Shepherd Dogs will provide a lot more than that. First, at barest minimum the warranty would be for 24 months. But most good breeders give it for much longer, many for the lifetime of the dog. Second, all good breeders warranty on the diagnosis of hip dysplasia, not whether the dog is actually crippled by it. Third, good breeders do not require return of the dog. They will require (if they have not already done so) that the dog be spayed or neutered.

"No futher guarantees are made or implied" Well, the warranty regarding hip dysplasia will speak to people who haven't done their homework regarding genetic health issues, but to the educated buyer it shouts that here is a breeder who doesn't care about breeding for genetic health. Because the educated buyer knows that there are other important health issues in the breed. And responsible breeders know this as well and will warranty against the conditions to the extent they are able. And they will clarify the steps they have taken to reduce the risks, because that's all any breeder can do.
At $750 these puppies are way overpriced. There is nothing on the website to suggest the sire or dam have been tested for, or shown by any objective standards to have the kinds of qualities one expects from a well bred GSD. A little bite work, a bit of obedience, none of it being proved up by showing any actual accomplishments in those areas. And the empahsis on the puppies being "big" is pathetic. The GSD is not supposed to be a "big" dog. Bigger is not better.
I'm amused and saddened by the addition of "AKC" to the sire and dam names as if AKC were some kind of title, or some indication of quality. Any educated puppy buyer knows that "AKC" is nothing more than a birth certificate. AKC can and will register crippled dogs as easily as they will healthy ones, and the same for good and poor breeding. AKC is a pedigree registry, not a guarantor of health, fitness, temperament, nor even consistency with breed quality and standards.

And no wonder the breeder has so little confidence in the health of his puppies. The poor dam isn't even fully mature and she's already had a litter. No responsible breeder would breed a GSD at less than 2 years of age. And this one won't even be a one year old until Sunday.

Am I angry? You bet I am. I'm sick and tired of dogs dying because of people who can't be bothered to learn. I just wish people would actually get involved in rescuing their breed BEFORE they add more to the population. Save some, learn how to stop the killing before putting more puppies in that situation.
There are far more GSDs in shelters than GSD rescue can hope to save. There is absolutely no reason to breed dogs with so little thought and caring, and even less reason for anyone to encourage that kind of breeding by buying such a carelessly bred puppy. Anyone who doesn't mind breedings with so little behind it can easily get that same kind of puppy from rescue, with just a tad of patience.

Diane Blackman /
Check the pricing page Diane!
There will be six suckers somewhere who'll buy these ;o( Sue
At $750 these puppies are way overpriced.

But purchasers will be able to earn their money back; from the pricing page: "NO LIMITED REGISTRATION AT ALL". I'm surprised that the females aren't being sold for more.

Matt. Rocky's a Dog.!BE!63!F024E67AD9D6/samatha51/WESTTEXASGERMANmy boyfriend has a petstore. his puppy mill breeder was shut down by the authorities.. would you consider becoming his new supplier?
german shepherd puppies imported lines.4 males 2 females ready june 3 2004 working lines from v and va rated progeny.

Actually, those pedigrees are of high-lines (show), not working lines. Plenty of good dogs behind this breeding, but why in the world did you breed 2 unproven dogs, without breed surveys, that can't be SV registered or compete in USA Schutzhund? It's a little disingenuous for your contract to state that you don't guarantee the pups' show or working careers without disclosing that they aren't eligible to participate in the venues appropriate for their breeding.

I have to agree with Diane that these pups are over-priced because of the unproven sire and dam, regardless of their lines. But I'm most interested in your assertion that you can guarantee than none of the pups will ever end up in rescue. How can you guarantee that? Our GSD rescue has had Tyson-Witmer, Covy-Tucker Hills, etc. dogs - even ScH.
3 dogs and, yes, dogs that Bil Fleisher has imported or bred. Whatare you doing to make such a guarantee that those people didn't do? (fwiw, Diane has 2 rescued & neutered males. I think it's a pretty safe bet that no puppy of hers will end up in rescue.)

Lynn K.
the thing that has ruined shepards is the need to lower the back end which has lead to enourmous amount of hip problems in the breed just lok at the dogs back end to see what i mean
the thing that has ruined shepards is the need to lower the back end which has lead to enourmous amount of hip problems in the breed just lok at the dogs back end to see what i mean

If the theory is that a "straight back" is less likely to result in poor hips then we should be able to predict the incidence of CHD based on conformation. Well, let's give it a try.
Here are 12 breeds I've listed in reverse alphabetical order. St. Bernard
Shih Tzu
Old English Sheepdog
Golden Retriever
Giant Schnauzer
German Shepherd Dog
Chow Chow
Chesapeake Bay Retriever
American Bulldog
To test the theory we can try predicting the order in which the above dogs appear in the CHD rankings, then compare our predictions to the actual rankings.
What order did you apply to these breeds?
The actual rankings can be found at: is an important problem in the German Shepherd Dog (note the spelling of Shepherd), but it is not the breed's most important problem, nor is the GSD even among the top twenty dog breeds in terms of rate affected by the problem. And while the conformation of the american show GSD has changed over the years the rate of CHD in the breed has been declining. The rate of incidence of CHD in a breed is most strongly related to the commitment of breeders to reduce or eliminate it.

And without in anyway minimizing the heartbreak and distress the disorder can cause it is, at least, a condition that is currently treatable in most cases. That is not to say we should breed affected dogs. But I'd rather end up with a CHD GSD than one with Degenerative Myelopathy, Perianal Fistulas or Megaesophagus.

The over empahsis of CHD to the exclusion of concern about other important genetic health issues is a real problem for the breed.

Diane Blackman /