I have a 1 week old puppy, his mom got ran over so leaving him with his mom is NOT an option, I took him to the vet and they said he is ok. He weights one and a half pounds so he is eating good I just can't get him to poo. Tried Karo syrup, sugar water, cotton ball in warm water to stimulate him all the tricks ppl tell me but very little luck he will poo some but nothing like he should anyone have any new ideas?
I'm sorry to hear about his mom. So you've tried light tummy massage stroking downward toward the anus yeah? Mother dogs usually lick their pups tummies like that and that stimulates defecation. He isn't dehydrated is he? When was the last time he pooped? If it's been 2 days or more and tummy massage doesn't help take him to a vet again asap.