I have a puppy and request anyone to tell me which breed it is..
Looks like a small dog.It has a thick coat light golden, blue eyes, tail held over it's back
Hi Anony, do you have a picture of your puppy? I think that would help identify the breed more. But hopefully our dog experts can already give you some ideas Emotion: smile
Please give me an email address where I could send you the photographs.
Lauren, thanks a million for your response.
my email address: (email removed, please register and add it to your profile only)
Hi Anony, I don't like giving out my email address in public, how about you register here and upload the photos to your profile? Like that more people can help you Emotion: smile
Hi Lauren, I can understand your concern. I will not be registering here.However, thanks a lot ...and by the way, I have a mail from AKC identifying the breed of my puppy. Regards - Manoharan

It's a pity we won't see your puppy. Do you mind sharing what breed it is, according to AKC?

Sounds like a pomeranian