Hello! 2 weeks ago my 5 months old puppy began to scratch his ears a lot. Inside the ear there is unknown substance that looks like earwax but it has some blood in it and black sand-like stuff. Vets's opinions devided: one says it's otitis caused by an allergy (we've been feeding him vitamins), and the other says it's ear mites. I don't give him dry food, only natural products - he eats raw meat regularly. What can be the true reason for this itching?
Another question: we also have a cat. Should we separate them? Can the cat get infected too? Thanks in advance for your replies.
It sounds like ear mites to me... especially if you are seeing black in the ears. You should see your vet for treatment. Did you all ready go see a vet or did you just talk to them on the phone?
We've been at a vet a couple of days ago and the final diagnosis is ear mites. Hopefully we'll get rid of them soon, thanks for your reply!
no problem.. im glad you got everything straightened out. in the future, id bring them in sooner than later because ear mites can transfer fairly easily from pet to pet! hope your pup gets well soon!
Yes, the vet said to separate the cat from the pup for now. I hope it wasn't too late! Thanks again.