Hello, so we're crate training a Maltese puppy and he's doing great but for one thing. When we release him from the crate to take him out he pees almost right away on the floor. We don't crate him for more than 1 hour so he should be able to keep it fine as he is 6 months old already. I don't know what we are doing wrong. Help please?
Take him out more often praise and give him treats when he pees outside, and never get mad at him when he doesn't.
Thank you. So there's nothing to be done but praise and be patient?
Yup! If you scold him or get mad it won't really help, he doesn't know what is expected from him. If he is praised and gets yummy treats when he does it right he will make the connection very fast.
Do you clean the area he soiled thoroughly? If there's smell left he's likely to pee there again. Otherwise follow the advice above. If things don't improve after a month or two, take him to a vet for a check up on kidney problems.