I have a 10 week old labrador and I am concerned about the amount of times she is going to the toilet for a poo. Last night she poo'd around 7pm, then 10pm before we went to bed. During the night she poo'd at 12, 3 and then 6.

We are feeding her 4 times a day (50g) on Hills Science Plan Large Puppy Breed (recommended by the vet and breeder). She gets the odd puppy treat but nothing excessive.

My worry is that we are feeding her too much - even though that is what is recommended on the packet and the vet said it was fine. Although the last two mornings she has been whining and crying from around 5.30ish and after trying to take her out for the toilet and playing with her, it seems that she is crying to be fed.

Any ideas? Sorry folks, we are new to looking after our puppy so any advice would be appreciated!

Hi vonski
Yes, she is poo-ing rather a lot, but some pups do. Have you been worming her regularly (every 2 wks till 12 wks old, then once a month?) I don't think it will relate to the amount you're feeding her - 4x daily is correct at this stage, and it's usually best to give a pup as much as they want (within reason) - It may be something that will settle down as she grows older - this isn't a problem that I've seen much in older dogs.
Science Diet is a low quality dog food that veterinarians are paid to endorse. It has a lot of corn in it, which is difficult for dogs to digest. And since their bodies can't use it, it just goes right through them. A diet with that much filler in it requires you to feed your dog more, and pick up more waste. There are several higher quality dog foods available with little or no corn, and many of them cost less than Science Diet (by the way, the price of corn just went up drastically, so look for them to raise their prices soon). Look for a dog food where an animal protein (chicken, beef, lamb, bison, etc) is listed as the first or first several ingredients. Switch your dog to the new food over 7-8 days to avoid digestive upset (start with 3/4 of what you have been feeding, 1/4 new stuff, then 1/2 and 1/2, etc). You will notice your puppy goes to the bathroom a lot less!