3 days ago we got a 9 months old puppy. We also have 2 cats.

I have 2 major problems:

1: The dog runs poorly on leash. He always pulls and tugs in different directions so that I'm constantly jolting at his leash to get him back on track.
The worst, however, is that as soon as we cross the street, he goes completely haywire. He literally gets knotted up in the leash.

And 2: In the apartment he's now begun to nibble all cat toys and today he has bitten me in the foot. I pulled it away in time so he didn't get me badly.

What I can only do so he finally listens and also calms down?
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How did you get the dog? As in, where did he come from, what's his history? And what breed is he?
We got the dog because a friend of ours had to move house where no dogs were allowed.

He is a Dachshund Rottweiler mix.

What I forgot to mention: He whines all the time in front of the bedroom door. Once he is alone in a room, he yelps like crazy. But we don't want to let him inside the bedroom.
What can I do so that I can sleep through the night?
Hello, do you know if your dog was trained at all by the previous owners? Simple commands like sit, stay etc?
What a mix how did this happen?
My puppy is 1month old now and she always looks tired and sad. She doesn't want to eat too. what would I do?
She is bored and needs lots of exercise. You have to work on her behavior to become more submissive to you. Start with crate training, learn how to pick the right size and type of dog crate ( a good dog crate chart http://www.petstreetmall.com/Midwest_Breed_Chart/Chart.aspx )then soon you can place the crate inside the room so she can see you at night.
My GSD is 2yr old and he doesnt bark at strangers.He is too friendly to them.But a suspicious sound or an another dog will trigger him.
Get a long lead go to a big area hook one end of the lead to the dog and hold the other end in both hands at your chest. Do not look at the dog and start walking straight still not looking or speaking to the dog, when he veers off in another direction quickly turn and walk in another direction, keep doing this and it doesn't take long for him to get the idea that he has to watch you and go where you go. After he gets the idea take him for a walk down the sidewalk, if he starts pulling or going in the wrong direction, without looking at him or speaking immediately turn and go in the other direction. He will be pulled by the leash and this will make him always watch you. Do not respond to his being pulled by the leash or if he gets pulled off his feet, just keep walking he will come up to you and it is surprising how fast they learn to watch you! Act like nothing happened and keep walking, continuing the turning in the opposite direction till he knows to go with you and watch you. This really works. I've done it with my dog and with a neighbors who was pushing a stroller with a dog who thought he was the walker and not the walkee...
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