I wan't really sure whether to post it to cats or dogs section. Emotion: big smile

A similar one.... awww

And so it was that the nation of cat and dog were on the brink of war... But reason stepped in and all became cute and fluffy! [<:o)]
That makes me think. If two different species can get along why can't people! Come on that is so true!!!
Anonymous, it's because they are both fluffy!! Fluffy creatures have to stick together [H]
Ah! so the answer for humanity is to become furry ourselves!! Excellent idea Cykodelik!
Lol well there are some "furry" people out there Emotion: wink But true, who can resist true silky fur and those cute eyes.. and the fact that they can't speak!! Emotion: wink

Hehe the first video is so funny, "cat ears, best puppy nibble food!"
My cat talks alot I think the translation usually amounts to:

"The universe sucks! it's your fault! cuddle me" <- when she was a kitten
"Right now sucks! Why aren't you cuddling me?" <- older
"Cuddle me now man!!"

etc etc...

she got less vocal though as she got older, but I think that's the norm