Hello, I'm new here. I hope someone can help.
We finally got our long expected puppy a week ago and she's really a wonderful bundle of love and fur. But there is this "little" problem. In the lounge, we've prepared a comfortable place for her to sleep in. There's a big bed, many toys and everything a puppy may dream about. However she won't sleep there if none of us is in the room! She starts crying and won't stop until someone comes down and cuddles with her. She gets quiet for a while but as soon as we leave she starts it all again. We've not had good sleep for 5 nights and are getting a little stressed! We love her to bits but this obviously cannot go on like this or we'll go crazy. We tried leaving a few blankets with our smell so she feels our presence, we've tried putting a clock wrapped in a blanket so it reminds her of the mom's heartbeat, but nothing has helped. Any suggestions please?? Should we move her bed to our bedroom?

By cuddling with her after the unwanted behavior you encourage her to cry more and more. She learns that if she cries long enough, she'll get a "reward". However you should realize why she's crying. She's away from her mother and siblings all of a sudden. She doesn't know why it happened but just feels lonely and expects someone to be with her. The new environment is scary on its own, and loneliness adds to stress. Her bed may be too big for her to feel comfortable. In the wild wolves sleep in dens, is her bed designed to remind of one?

So what you can do is getting a smaller bed or a crate for her. Put some warm blankets or a stuffed animal in it to make it feel like a den. Try leaving the light or TV on. You can also try staying with her until she falls asleep and then leaving quietly. If nothing of the above helps, the yes, take her bed (crate) to your bedroom.

Some people advice to just ignore such behavior so you don't spoil the dog but I personally think it's too harsh and can lead to psychological problems in the future. It's not natural for a puppy to be separated from her pack, to be in a spacious room that has nothing to do with a cosy den, and to be ignored left on its own.

I crate train all my pups and they sleep in a crate the first year. When they are young I have to wake up and take them out to pee every 2-3 hours. My rule is they are not in the crate longer in hours than their ago in months. However the crate is in my bedroom. I have German shepherds and want a protection dog near my bed. I have had 2 burgler attempts and my dogs saved me. they have all learned that dogs do not get on beds, they are quiet, and quickly house trained. Maybe your pup is too young to be alone.