Is there any chance to get a purebred cat from a shelter? I have never seen them there but I want one.
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Very, VERY rarely. You'll either have to get one from a breeder, or ask the shelter to contact you if they get a purebred. My aunt is a vet and I asked her to look out for anyone who was giving away purebred dogs. She found someone who was immediately. So you could ask a vet to look out for one.
I got my Finnegan from my vet who found him on the side of the road as a very tiny kitten. He's a full Maine Coon. Someone just tossed him out like garbage. I've actually seen quite a few people get purebred kitties from shelters. Especially these days where the economy is bad and people are just giving up their pets.
This is so sad when people get rid of their pets just like garbage. Emotion: sad Thanks I'll ask a local vet and shelter to contact me.
One more question. Are there any shelters that are specialized in rescuing purebred cats only?
Not that I know of. A shelter like that wouldn't make much sense.

Also, look for no-kill shelters. People run them from inside their homes and are always happy to sell a cat, since they usually have a ton. I think there's a better chance of getting a purebred there.
AnonymousOne more question. Are there any shelters that are specialized in rescuing purebred cats only?
The idea of rescuing is to give shelter to those in need, and I can't see why purebred animals should have a priority over the rest. So I don't think the idea of a purebred shelter is good.
We found two Korats - when definitely pure bred the other would be indistinguishable from pure bred except for a small pot of white fur. I didn't know anything about Korats until we found "Bogart" in a shelter but as soon as I saw him I knew he was special. With his grey coat with a purplish halo, pointy ears and yellow green eyes he was a stunner already at about 1 to 2 years old. We found "Jimmy" several years later but the funny thing was we wanted to get another Korat for a companion for Bogart and the 1st shelter we checked there he was.
Not shelters, per se. But breed-specific rescues do exist (although they do take in breed mixes). Pure-breed cats are in high demand.

Those that end up in a shelter or rescue and don't get adopted very quickly are usually unwanted due to special needs (high-demand/expensive health problems, blindness), tend to be seniors, and/or may have behavioral problems (ex. afraid to approach people, aggressive tendencies).

I have known a couple of Siamese cats that ended up in NYC's (kill) shelters. They were declawed (even if not fixed), so obviously not strays -- they were probably indoor cats who got outside by accident and were picked up by animal control. Unfortunately, they weren't microchipped. I don't know if they ever made it back to their rightful owners.
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