Hi guys,

Just thought I'd share this small story that made my heart melt.

As some of you may know, Barsik lives with my parents as I moved out after marriage. I visit him several times a week when I can (to see my parents too, of course, lol). So this morning I came over and found him cleaning himself. He did it so thoroughly and so passionately that he didn't even notice my entering the room. When I sat on the couch beside him, he finally noticed me, looked up and breathed out such a loud and expressive PURRRR that my heart melted. Emotion: giggle The warmest and most emotional greeting I've ever heard from him!
Aww that is so sweet!!! Lily also greets people with loud purring. Yesterday Eliot went in the room without me noticing and ate all of her food and left her with an empty bowl! (we keep him out because she's on kitten food) She started walking around the bowl purring and meowrrring very loudly until I filled it up for her it was so sweet! Emotion: smile
How sweeet, I can just imagine that purr, awww how I wish humans could purr lol
Isn't it why cats are so purrfectly pawsome?? Emotion: smile I love it when Miky purrs!
Next time approach him with a video camera please. Emotion: smile