Angus is a sweet black kitten that I fostered for quite a while. He made it through URIs, eye infections, and ringworm. He was healthy and ready for a home until last night when he couldn't get up. His back legs aren't working. We think it could be a saddle thrombus by the symptoms. He went to the emergency vet last night and is at the cardiologist's office now.
I hope it is something that can be helped. He is only 4 1/2 months old and such a sweet kitten. I hope I get news about him soon and that it is good news. Please purr, pray, and think positive thoughts for him.
Debbie Berry
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Healing purrs on the way for the little one!

Victor M. Martinez
Thank you so much for your purrs. I just heard
more about Angus. The cardiologist said that
it didn't appear to be his heart, which is where
the blood clot comes in saddle thrombus. The
vet suggested that it might be neurological, possibly distemper. Angus has been fostered with his 5
siblings for 3 months now and has not been exposed to other kittens. His foster mother said that he
did get a distemper shot yesterday and the vet is
going to check into this and see if it could be a
reaction to the vaccine.
I'm hoping that it is just a temporary thing. I'm flying to San Diego for a week starting on Fri
and won't be around to help out.
Has anyone else had experience with this kind of thing? Please keep purring.
Debbie Berry
I haven't experienced anything quite like this but when Maya went for her shots last year and this year we noticed that she had mobility problems after her vaccines. It took her about 3 days to recover and she pooped herself this year Emotion: surprise(. My fingers are crossed that Angus feels better soon.

Poor little Angus - sending purrs from NZ for a positive outcome to this set back.
poor baby, we will purr and pray that he gets well. Jazz & his mama

from the stars we came, to the stars we return
from now until the end of time
Purrs for Angus to recover from all of us!
Purrs and prayers are on their way.

Purrs and prayers for Angus, poor mite.
KKOTH (Kitty kisses on the head.)
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