We don't know if anything's actually wrong yet, but at her vet visit yesterday the vet thought she felt a lump near Meep's cecum. Might be a tumor, Vet's not sure. Meep is also slowly but surely losing weight, despite eating (somewhat) better over the last couple of months - she gets two small cans or one big (tuna can sized) per day, more if she finishes that off. Most days she eats 75% or more of that. She should weigh around 8.5 lbs, she's down to 7lb 6oz. Vet commented on her slightly elevated BUN but normal creatnine at her last blood test (Nov), saying this might indicate something wrong with her gut (I think).

Meep's demeanor hasn't really changed, but there's just something I can't quite put my finger on - and don't know if it's just old age or something else. I'm desperately worried it's the latter. She turns 14 in a couple of weeks.
It's sit-and-wait at the moment, they took blood and we're waiting for results back.
She's been in good health, good coat, clear eyes, so I'm hoping she'll be around a good number of years yet.
Wow that's rough. And of course you can't even ask her what's wrong. I hope the vet can shed some light, one way or the other.

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Shikata ga nai...
Purrs and hugs for you. Waiting for test results sure stinks. Give Meep lots of pets while you're waiting.
Purrs from Kotyo and Sweety and good thoughts from me.

Nadia, Kotyo and Sweety

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Any word yet? Crossing my fingers.
Suddenly, without warning, Rene exclaimed (4/26/2010 2:58 PM):
Any word yet? Crossing my fingers.

Partial word - bloodworks were ok, first part of gastro panel ok, still waiting on second half.
Either she doesn't like the taste of the pepcid & ulcer med, or they're not helping, as she hasn't eaten much in 24 hours. Going to skip them tonight to see if she'll eat.