I have a long haired calico. She has the problem of pieces of fecal matter clinging to her hair around her butt when she goes to the litter box. I usually get a wet washcloth and clean the area at least every other day if not every day. Lately I have been very busy with work and school and missed a couple of days. When I got back to cleaning her she really does not like it, before she used to tolerate it and would let me clean her up.

She seems to be in pain when I touch an area around her anus. I am thinking she might have an infection and am wondering what I can buy to help take care of that. Any help would be appreciated. I tried to shave her to see if that would keep the fecal matter but she was really not into that idea and since she used to tolerate me cleaning her I just stuck with that. Thanks for your help.
Hi Kristine,
I think it's imperative that you take your kitty to the vet immediately. I'm sure she's very uncomfortable and she may need her anal glands expressed. While you are there, you may want to discuss getting a "sanitary" cut for your cat, where they trim the fur around her rear end.
Good luck,

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