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We found one that had this absolutely magnificient dog that was named Khan. When we found him, we knew that ... of us are big Star Trek fans, and thought it would be cool to have that name association as well.

Just in case people don't know how "Khan" is pronounced, here's a dramatization of his recall:
http://www.khaaan.com /

Matt. Rocky's a Dog.
So, anyway, I
thought it would be fun to see how others picked their dogs' (or other pets) names.

I named my last dog Stone,: strong, beautiful and natural (as in the slightly wolfish 'natural' look of the GSD).
Pete named Cindy and I really tried hard to veer him away from it, but then I wanted to try and encourage him to make more of a effort to take part in her exercise and care so I thought getting him to name her might help. 'Cindy, Incidentally' was his choice cos he's a Rod Stuart fan. It could have been worse though... I was NOT having 'Maggie' as in Maggie May. The theory didn't work well either. I can't remember the last time he volunteered to come out for a walk Emotion: sad
I tend to call her Cinners or Cid more often than not though, when its not 'Oih, you little cow'.
Diana & Cindy

Cindy the weimaraner's web site:
Wuppet - because she looked like what I thought a wuppet should look like

Josie - because it seemed to suit her
Max - because it seemed silly to call out - "come here Mandrake-Hazelton III"

Karma - because I liked the sound of it
Zoe - becaue that was her name when we got her
David - because that's what my mum called me and I got used to it
Saskia was what we would have named the baby if he wasn't a boy (he's Walter). It was the name of Rembrandt's wife, one of Vermeer's models, and is the name of Peter Greenaway's assistant. When we got Saskia we thought long and hard about names and decided we just plain like Saskia and it suits her.
I am surprised to find a rather large array of dog names in this group. I was just wondering how ... go. So, anyway, I thought it would be fun to see how others picked their dogs' (or other pets) names.

before i got eleusis there was another pit bull in a rescue that i wanted, but the rescue was very disorganized and i got tired of being jerked around. that dog's name was isis. i decided, when i picked luce out of the local pound (her name there was grace) that i wanted something out of mythology that would kind of honor the dog i couldn't get.
eleusis was a place in ancient greece that was home to a major temple to demeter. my other dog at the time's name was siren (she came with that name) so it was all-around greek mythology goodness.

mushroom's shelter name was mushroom and it just suits him, so i kept it.

my best friend is a pit bull.
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So, anyway, I thought it would be fun to see how others picked their dogs' (or other pets) names.

elliott was nameless for months (i had been calling him pork chop or puppy chow). my coworkers finally took pity on him and circulated a sign-up sheet where everyone could list their favorite name candidates. at the end of the week, they voted and elliott was officially christened.
harriet was named before i got her. i knew my next dog would be a Boxer, and so she was likely to be fawn or brindle. i love the song "Harriet Brown" so i decided that would be a fitting name. it was only after the fact that i found out that Harriet is a Germanic name (how appropriate for a German breed) meaning "ruler of the house." haw! the joke was on me.

http://cat-sidh.blogspot.com /
http://letters-to-esther.blogspot.com /
As for Pan, I haven't the foggiest notion why she was named that, and it makes no sense to me.

short for Pandora? that's what i call pandora-cat.

http://cat-sidh.blogspot.com /
http://letters-to-esther.blogspot.com /
Before we had gone looking for a dog, we had looked through a bunch of websites, looking at GSDs. We ... of us are big Star Trek fans, and thought it would be cool to have that name association as well.

Then this might amuse you:
("Khan" mentioned in a comic that is not Star Trek-based.)

Jess K and mastiff Bree, 17 months
I was just wondering how everyone goes about picking names for their dogs?

Lucy came with her name. Franklin is the little black kid in Peanuts. I had a Charlie once as well (he came with the name too). Teddy was named for several reasons - my bear collection, his parent's names (Happy and Bear), his appearance. Lindy was named for "dark and gentle", which she was.
Other pets have usually gotten names based on their coloration, and chosen from baby name books or the NYTimes Crossword Puzzle Dictionary (cats - Carey means tortoiseshell, Skipjack means silversides - plus it's the MD state boat).
My cat Robie got his name from us referring to him as "the cat" when he was begging to come live with us, and Cary Grant being a favorite actor and To Catch a Thief being a favorite movie.

Janet B
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