I haven't managed to find answers to a number of questions about my Blue-tongued Lizard so I hope someone here can help me.

1. Is it normal that he doesn't want to eat vegetables at all? Even if I mix them with meat, he'll pick the meat and leave the veggies aside.
2. I've only now noticed that when he lies, his body is very flat. Is it OK? We've been feeding him every two days.
3. How much food should I give him at a time? If he's eaten a bit and doesn't want it anymore, is it fine?
4. He's been very aggressive lately. What could cause it if I haven't changed anything about his treatment?
5. One of his nails is dislocated, I didn't notice it when I was buying him because I fell in love with him at first sight. Emotion: smile) Is it OK for a nail to be a bit turned out?
6. In a pet shop I was recommended pine shavings for his bedding but now I've read it can be harmful. He seems to like it though. Should I change the bedding?

Thanks immensely in advance.
I'm not a lizard expert but I'm sure your questions can only be answered when you tell us more about the conditions you keep your skink in. (Temperature, humidity, light conditions, hides etc.)