Hi to everyone! Can you please tell me what rabbit breeds are most popular to keep as a pet? and which are easiest to take care of?
Hi,I have raised many rabbits and I thought I could help you!Here are some breeds of rabbits that I have found very relaxed and nice!Holland lop,minnie lop,hotot,and mini rex.There are a lot of more nice rabbits ,but those are just a few of my favortie breeds!
Thank you. What is the main difference between these? I mean, is it size or color, temperament, or special care requirements? Are they all easy to take care of? Sorry if it's silly questions but I'm really new at rabbits.
No problem!Well I like minie lops because they are very nice and laid back, tbut they can get bigEmotion: smile.I like holland lops also there just like mini lops,but they are smaller!So if you are looking for a smaller rabbits and want one that has floppy ear.I like hotots because they are so curious! They are very smalland easy to keep,but SOMETIMES the females can get a lil tempermental.I like mini rex because they love to be held and pet!They are also very soft!Another breed I like are Polish,they are very small and easy to keep ,and dont eat much,then again SOMETIMES the females can get a lil tempermental.(When I say tempermental I kind of mean they dont tolerate little kids and people who dont hold then good)So if you have children,a male would be a better choice.Or if you fix the female she should be fine!So if there is any other breeds you want to know about just ask!thanks
Thanks! I thought all rabbits kinda like being petted, isn't it so? Also do you mean that the coat of mini rex rabbits is really much softer than others? What breeds do you keep at the moment? Just curious. ^^
Well not all rabbits like to be petted,they try to run away from you.Well curently I have hotot and some polish,but I had some mini lops this summer to.Little cuties they are!And mini rexare very soft to touch,but tend to be a lil nervous at times.
Thanks for this info, I was googeling this and this thread came up. Cheers!
Dutch are very popular as show and pet rabbits. Not only do they have very pretty markings, and come in a variety of colors, but they are full of personality and most of the time don't mind children. There are a lot of long haired breeds, but the angoras require regular grooming. (Most of the time, if that angora type has matting fur, sometimes it is bred out)

Larger rabbits and rabbits with longer hair can be harder to take care of, mostly because of amount of feed and droppings, and grooming. sometimes though, rabbits with long hair dont require grooming because their wool is bred to not mat easily.

Medium sized rabbits like Dutch, Florida White, Lilac (rare but good for show/pet), Holland Lop, etc. are easier to take care of.
A couple of rabbits i would not recommend are: Mini Rex (because this breed often has very sharp nails that get caught on things easily, even when regularly trimmed, and they have very bad molts. I have raised them so i am aware of this) Netherland Dwarf (because they can be very territorial and grumpy, they don't often like to be petted.) Britannia Petite (because they are know to be very nasty and they are very, very small.(though not fragile) I have owned a couple, and i know this from experience. Some, however are very sociable) Angoras (because most require blowing out, grooming, clipping, etc.)

Almost all rabbits are cute, but with that comes a lot of responsibility. No matter the breed, size, etc. they all require disease prevention, care, and love. research how to keep your rabbit safe and healthy.
If you are keeping a rabbit in a cage w/o wire on the bottom clean the cage regularly to prevent hutchburn. This can cause the vent area to become dry and chapped. It is painful to the rabbit.
The best breed for you really depends on what you want out of your pet rabbit. Some are very curious, some are really active and like to do cool tricks, some like to lay around and look cute. Some are super smart while others love human attention. Regardless of the breed you choose, I suggest to only get male rabbits for pets, females are too territorial and far less social than males. I also recommend going to a rabbit breeder to purchase your rabbit because they tend to handle the rabbits and tame them when they are little, it is not always this way with pet store bunnies or someone's accidental litter. Breeder's are also a lot more accurate at determining gender. It is very common to find out your doe from the pet store is really a buck or vice versa.