hello all ^^ we want to get a pet rabbit not sure if it's fine to keep him in an apartment all the time? i mean i don't think i'll have time to walk with him on the leash so i wonder what should be done to make our apartment as suitable as possible so that he feels most natural and comfortable. thx ^^
You can absolutely have a happy and healthy bunny in an apartment. First make sure you have a nice large cage (I had a bunny in a 3 level ferret cage and he loved it) with an area where the bunny can relax without the metal grate. Also make sure you have chew toys, pellets, timothy hay, and water available at all times. Potty train the bunny and then let him out to explore socialize with you and play for a couple hours each day. Be sure to supervise the bunny when he is out because he will chew on stuff and some of it can be very bad for him and damaging to your apartment and stuff. Be sure to pet him every day and always pet him around the face or cuddle him before putting him back in the cage so he has his smell on you and will associate your smell with the safety of his home. Bunnies also love fresh veggies and you can hand feed them to your bunny when he is out of his cage, which will make him like you more.