I was wondering: I own a rabbit that is a mix of two breeds but I can't figure out which breeds. I think he may be part English Spot or something but I can't tell. Could someone look at these pictures of him and possibly venture a guess as to the breeds he is? A better idea would be great! He's a very good-tempered, sweet, playful rabbit. He's quite intelligent and gets along great with my two cavies. He can be a bit of a nipper but not too bad and he isn't much of a snuggler. He loves being near people and playing a lot (especially with bags/clothes/paper. Chasing them and digging into and throwing them) but not being picked up. He prefers to just hang out near us (though he does like being pet quite a lot if we don't pick him up) than anything. He can get startled a bit easily as well. I think he also weighs about... 6-8lbs? I don't know for sure. He's more on the medium level size-wise so he's not too heavy. But by no means is he a dwarf rabbit. He is definitely, like most rabbits I think, crepuscular (active in the morning and evening in case some might not know that.) Sorry for the long description but I thought it might help if I really explained his temperament as much as possible since I know it varies from breed to breed and so may help exclude some types.


Sorry as well for the multitude of pictures. I just wasn't sure which would be the best angles to show so it's prolly better to post one link with multiple pictures in it than one link. Or a ton of links in one post. ^^'
I've very far from being a rabbit expert but to me he looks like a mix of the English Spot with either of these: Satin Angora, Jersey Wooly, and Lionhead . The last two are small breeds but he looks so much similar to them. Perhaps he inherited the size and pattern of the English Spot and the coat type of one of those small rabbits? As I said I'm not an expert though, I'm just thinking out loud.
Yes, he almost definitely seems to be part English Spot with his colouration. Personality-wise, he may be part Satin Angora. His fur is also soft enough for that possibility. Though with the way his hair is on top of his head, Jersey Wooly seems likely. Not sure about the Lionhead now actually.
Sorry for off topic but he's totally cute no matter what breed he is! Emotion: smile By the way lionheads have very different appearances, you can find some examples_here_
Haha, he definitely is! Emotion: big smile And good point. He could be then.
Definitely not an English spot mixed in he could be a lionhead cross of some sort though