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My Dwarf Hamster Isn't Walking?

My dwarf hamster isn't walking right. What's wrong with her?

Finding A Hamster

I cant find my hamster! He is a white chinese dwarf hamster so he is very small. I left his cage out on the kitchen table with my other hamster inside of the cage. So there were...

Doesn't Feel Secure?

I've noticed my hamster won't eat when I'm standing at the cage. He only eats when I step back. Does it mean he doesn't feel secure when I'm around?

Coffee Beans And Hamsters

i had an accident in the kitchen my shelf collapsed while the hamster cage was below it so seeds and other food was all over the place including coffee beans. my hammies ignored...

Bath For Pet Rat?

how often is it ok to give bath to a pet rat and how shuld i do it? pls assist

Wheels And Sandbath?

My hamster is about to give birth soon and I was told to remove the wheels and sandbaths from the cage. Is it necessary? When can I put them back in?

Hamster Doesn't Use Wheel?

Some time back I bought my hamster a new wheel because the one supplied with the cage was too small. The hammy isn't interested in his new toy. Wondering if he knows what to do...

Hamster Safe Disinfectants?

I'm at a loss. There are so many hamster products and nevertheless I cannot be sure that what I buy is safe for my hamster! I've always used a clear odor-free spray from our local...

Hamster Teeth Color?

What color are hamster teeth supposed to be? Mine's are yellow and it seems to me they are too yellow!

Hay As The Sole Substrate?

Can hay be used as the sole substrate for Syrian hamsters? I thought I'd buy some to give my Jess something new to dig in and I couldn't think of any reasons why not. I'm asking...

Some Hamster Questions?

Hello everybody! For 2 1/2 weeks now I have a small Djungarian dwarf hamster (female) with me. She is very young (8 weeks), agile and alert. She lives in a cage with dimensions...

Hamster Cage Bar Spacing?

I'm going to get a Syrian hamster and I need a cage for him. I was told to stick to the rule the bigger the better but I imagine this is not accurate for bar spacing. What bar...

Grass For Hamsters?

Do hamsters need daily access to fresh grass as a source of vitamins to stay healthy?

Eye Opens With Delay?

So during the past week one of my hamster's eyes opens somewhat with a delay after he wakes up. It can take about 10 mins for his right eye to open fully. There's no mucus nor...

Strawberries For Hamsters?

Heya guys, Is it fine to give strawberries to a hamster? How much is ok to give? Thx.
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