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Heya guys, This Tuesday my hamster found a piece of an eggshell on the table and quickly ate it. Then he did the same on Wednesday and Friday. Is it fine that he does it? Is it...

Hamster Noises?

When I want to play with Kiki and take him out of the cage he makes lots of these weird noises. I was told it can mean he's anxious but there are no other signs of this and that...

Hamster Living With Budgie Ok?

hi there guys like 10 years ago i remember i heard somewhere that one should never ever keep a hamster and a budgerigar as pets at the same time because if a budgie by accident...

Hamster's Nails Too Long?

What do I do if my hamster's nails have grown too long? And how do I know they are too long? Thanks in advance.

Guinea Pig Too Scared To Even Eat When...

Pia does not eat or only when she feels completely unobserved. If I move in the room, she runs right back into the little house. I have now already spread out the food so that...

What Vaccinations Do Hamsters Have?

what vaccinations do hamsters have

Fresh Carrot Or Fresh Carrot Juice?

What is better to give to a hamster: fresh carrot pieces or fresh carrot juice? How about pumpkin pieces vs juice? Beet pieces vs juice?

Hamster Question?

hi, do i need to give my hamster some time outside of the cage? like i mean free running time, some more space you know? thanks

Hamsteer Wheel Size?

Hello everyone! Can you please tell me what wheel size is appropriate for a Syrian hamster? Thanks!

Pet Rats ?

has anyone got pet rats as pets if so can you get in contact with me we could share ideas information

Seperate The Rats?

I have 3 rats, a castrated male and two females. I want to impregnate my female and found a good mate. My worry is now: 1st What should I do with the other two .. separate from...

Popcorn For Hamster?

Can I give my hamster popcorn?

Hamster Has Dreams

The video says it's a mouse but I think it's a hamster...

Hamster Pees On My Hands?

Our tamed hamster is 3.5 months old. He's male. Several times when we were taking him out of the cage he peed on our hands. Is it a typical behavior for a tamed hamster of this...

Guinea Pig Intelligence?

Are guinea pigs intelligent? Are they able, for example, to respond to their name? How about their intelligence compared to that of hamsters and rats?
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