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Can Hamsters Be Trained Like Dogs?

Is it possible to train a hamster to obey commands like a dog?

Running Rat?

I bought a rat 2 days ago but it's been running around flat like mad all this time!! It won't let me handle itself either. What should I do?

New Hamster Sleeps All The Time?

hi all please help. 5 days ago we bought a hamster and everything had been fine until the last 2 days. at first he was behaving as expected, active in the night and he loved to...

Diabetic Hamster?

For the past few weeks my hammy has been behaving unusually. He drinks lots of water and pees a lot as well. I've told this to someone who's got some experience with rodents and...

Want To Put A Hamster In A Budgie Cage...

Hello! We had 2 budgerigars for many years. One of them died because of a disease, the other died several years later (we don't know why). Can we for a while put a Syrian hamster...

What's Your Bunnie's Favorite Food?

Babbit's a picky eater, sometimes I don't know what to give her. What's your rabbit's favorite food, maybe I can get some ideas.

My Guinea Pig Has A Red Eye?

Hi, my guinea pig's had a red eye for a week, it's not improving on its own. Her eye is always somewhat moist, watery and as I said, red. Otherwise she seems to be fine. Do you...

How Can I Entertain My Hamster?

I need some tipps about how I can entertain my hamster more please Elisa

Cage Size For A Syrian Hamster?

How large should a Syrian hamster's cage be?

Best Bedding For A Hamster?

Hello, What bedding is better to use for a Russian dwarf hamster? Wood shavings or cotton wool? Tamara

Hamster Behavior In Winter?

Is it common for hamsters to become less active in winter? My hammy is not as active as he was about 2 months ago.

Rabbit Bites Ankles?

Hello guys, I have a question about my doe. Every time I enter the room, she tries to circle my feet and bite my ankles. What does this behavior mean?

Nibbling Gerbil! :(?

hi my gerbil nibbles and i was told they never bite! was i told wrong?

Does My Hamster Like Being Stroked Or...

Hello! I have a Djungarian hamster. He's tamed and doesn't bite. When I put my hand into the cage to stroke him (I'm not trying to take him out), he falls on his back and lies...

Hamster Doesn't Run In Her Running Wheel...

My hamster doesn't run in her running wheel anymore. She's 7,5 months old. She's usually very active, with a good appetite. She used to love the wheel but now shows no interested...
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