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Overweight Hamster?

I think my hammy is a bit overweight but I'm not sure what I can do to make him lose weight. I mean of course I know - I should restrict his diet but I've never done it before...

Hamsters Have Become Afraid Of Me?

One of my female hamsters has all of a asudden become afraid of me, she won't let me handle her like before and will move backwards instead. Can it be because my second hammy gave...

Meat For Hamsters?

Well my friend used to give her hamster raw meat and now the hamster tries to bite everyone who wants to touch him. Can it be because of meat? I told my friend to change his diet...

Izzy The White Chipmunk

I know it's no more than a simple act of eating but I find it rather cute!

Show Jumping

Why is this in the Rabbits section? Because not only horses (and dogs) do show jumping....

Hamster Runs A Lot?

Hi, Is it normal that my hammy vigorously runs for maybe about 4 hours and then falls asleep for an hour. When he wakes up everything repeats. Is it normal behavior?

Male Baby Syrian Hamster Lost/Mating?

my 1 month old syrian hamster got lost and i left his cage door open and he still didnt come back i need to konow of some places to look for him.i also want to mate him and my...

Control Of Rabbits

[] why is the control of rabbits an enviromental issue? <Edited by moderator: the topic title is edited to make it more informative>

Feeding And Bathing A Hamster

How many times a day should I feed a hamster? And how often to bathe? Please advice.

Guinea Pig's Body Vibrates?

When I pet my guinea pig, her body vibrates! Is it anything I should worry about??

Small Cage For A Hamster

Please help me make my mom change her mind! She says that hamsters don't need a large cage and that they'll survive even in a small one. Besides, she says a small cage takes less...

Rabbits Lifespan

please kindly let me know how long rabbits can live. thanks.

Dwarf Hamster Pregnancy?

Hello! 9 days ago I bought a female hamster. A few days later I noticed her belly was growing... she can't put on weight so fast can she? So I thought she might be... pregnant...

Is My Hamster Healthy?

I have a dwarf hamster 1,5 years old. My friend has a dwarf hamster too but 2 years old. My friend's hammy is active and playful, can run in the running wheel and eat. But mine...

Grey Hair Behind Ears In Hamsters?

I've had two Campbell's Russian dwarf hamsters for about a year, maybe a bit more. I keep them in different cages. Now they both began to develop grey hair behind the ears. Is...
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