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Can I Give Water To A Hamster?

I've been having a hamster for about a year already. Since the very beginning she has had a water bottle that she's been gladly using. She drinks about 150 ml within 5-7 days...

Rat Cage Accessories?

What accessories should I place in a rat's cage? Which ones are a must and which optional?

Rabbit Licks Hands Constantly?

Why is my rabbit licking my hands every time I want to handle her?

Rabbit's Age

A few days ago I adopted a rabbit and now I'd like to know his real age. Any tips on it please?

Hamster Is Biting Its Leg?

Hi i'm new to the the whole dwaf hamster thing so I have a question. My six week old Russian dwaf hammie keeps biting its leg!! i'm really worried, what's wrong with him? He's...

Question About Guinea Pigs

Please help me find out what's wrong with my guinea pigs. The hair between her forelegs has fallen out. There's no scratches or other sores on the skin. I recently discovered the...

Keeping Rabbit Outside

Hello all, I was wondering if it's ok to keep a rabbit outside and what temperature extremes they can tolerate. I live south so the summers get hot and long!

Rat!! Help!!?

I got a rat yesterday but he doesn't stay calm runs about the house like crazy and doesn't want to be handled!! What should I do?? Thanks!

How To Pick Up A Gerbil

Can I pick up a pet gerbil like other small rodents, i.e. by its tail?

Rat Life Span

How long do rats live?

What Rabbit Breed Is This?

I stumbled upon (literally) these "20 Charming Baby Bunnies" photos and wanted to ask, does anyone know what kind of rabbit breed the first picture is?

Rabbit Food ?

What food is OK to give rabbits and what is not? Thanks.

Sick Rabbit

Hi all. I've got a 2.5 year old rabbit. A while back I noticed redness and lack of hair on his back paws. We immediately took him to a vet who found out the rabbit has staphylococcus...

Need Help Choosing A Pet Rodent

Hello! We've decided to get a pet rodent but we're not sure which is better. I like rats most of all, their behaviour and character. They're sociable, like to be with people,...

Guinea-Pig Vacuum?

A friend of mine sent me this video this morning, and it made me giggle. I am sure you'll find it cute too. The video title says it's a hamster but I think it's a lovely guinea...
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