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Rabbit Breeding

HI all, Does anyone here breed rabbits? I thought of starting to breed them but still gathering information about what to start with, how much work it is, etc. Any help will be...

Male Or Female Rabbit?

For a beginner, which is easier to keep, a male or female rabbit? Do they have different temperaments? Or does the gender generally not matter?

Dwarf Hamster?

I want to get one but I wonder how's their temperament? Friendly or mean? Do they bite?

Hamster Suddenly Aggressive?

Hello to all hamster lovers! Am currently at a loss when it comes to my little hamster. She was always very lively, busy and often a little wild, but she has never bitten on...

Zhu Zhu Pets Hamster

And for those of you who do not want to get a real hamster, check out the zhu zhu hamster! I had no idea they existed but they seem to be quite the new thing to have! See if...

Rabbit Names

Any ideas on some cute and interesting rabbit names please? ^^

Hamster Fleas?

hi everyone my 1 year old dwarf hamster is itching himslef too often now, looks like he's got fleas. is it possible? can hamsters get fleas at all? and what can i get rid of them...

Baby Holland Lop, Question About The Ears

I recently got a baby Holland lop, 1 month old. His ears stand up straight. Is it normal at this age? When will they lop?

Hamster Lifespan?

What is a typical life span of a hamster? How long do they live? Thx.

Need A Wednesday Smile? (Rabbit Vid)

I've always loved the way they sniff the air!

What The...

I came across these recently and I have to say... DO NOT LIKE! Never seen rabbits this fluffy and am not sure that this is healthy for them?? Source

Dead Lemming Babies

ok so im trying to tame my lemmings and its going really well,however today as i went to get the "boys" out i saw something that made me sad. 4 dead babies 2 are about the right...


i just got two lemming they are very cute and very curious little creatures. i have named them lazlo (after lazlo woodbine pi from robert rankin novels) and vladthe impailer ...

Hamsters Afaid?

i have two hamsters one seems to be terrifeid of the other.i will try to include all information i can and hope someone can tell me how i can help the little guy. me and my husband...

How Do I Socialize A Rabbit?

Hi all, we got a rabbit recently but he's very aloof and kinda afraid of us. He's 1 year old and neutered. What can we do to help him get used to us? Is this process always so...
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