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Feed Hamster Nuts?

And another question while I'm at it, can I feed my hamster nuts? If yes, how often? Do they have to be fresh or can they be a bit older (obviously not bad!)? Yvonne

Hamster Food, Dried Fruit And Vegetables...

Hello! I have a question. Does it make sense to feed hamsters dried vegetables and dried fruit? Because hamsters are supposed to have fresh food daily. And how much of the dry...

Do Wild Hamsters Exist?

Hello all, I have some questions concerning wild hamsters.Do wild hamsters exist at all and where do they live then? And also: are wild hamsters smart?

Poll: How Do You Disinfect A Cage?

They say it is necessary to disinfect a cage at least once a month (I may be mistaken because I don't have a rodent myself). So how do you do that?

Two Cuties For You To Have A Laugh

Cute little things.

REAL "Energizer Bunny"

I laughed my head off at this one!

Hammy Eats Lettuce!

Oh my god, he eats lettuce! After watching Lana's video about rodents eating vegetables, I tried giving Hammy some lettuce and it seems that he likes it! Does your hamster...


My cousin got a lovely hamster but to tell you the truth, she's a 12 year old girl and she doesn't know anything about hamsters. I was wondering if you knew how to make a hamster...

Only Popcorn Matters

I can't belive this, so hilarious giggle .. though he didn't have to be so mean at the end...

Hymn To All Rodents!

Although there are some other animals too, hehe

Hamster Falling Asleep

Little sweet creature.

Cat Adopts Rabbit

The rabbit seems lucky.

Cutest Bunny I've Ever Seen!

Ouch what a cutie!! Found him at this garrely.

Cat&Rabit In Love

Oh please watch till the end. The rabit rubbed against the cat sooo tenderly. 

Cutest Bunny In The World!

It must be difficult to care of such loooong lovely ears!
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