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Hamster Cold?

I have a cold and I have it too my hamster what do I do I can't go to the vet she is sneezeing mad her nose is clicking!!

Homemade Hamster Toys

Do you use any homemade hamster toys? If so, what did you make? Would like to hear some creative ideas.

Polish Rabbit?

Is it, or is it not a dwarf breed?

Can't Decide - Chinchilla Or Degu

I've read about them both and looks like each has its advantages and disadvantages. I'm interested in your personal experience. Thanks.

Squirrels And Bats?

will squirrels and bats live in the same attic

How Long Does It Take?

How long does it take for a gerbil to get tired and sleep?

Do Hamsters Stink?

Do hamsters smell? If yes, how to get rid of that smell? I wish to get a hamster but I am afraid my parents won't understand me and will get rid of him coz of smell.

Walk For A Hamster

Is it possible to let a hamster out of the cage, for walks around the room, and is it dangerous?? And what if the hamster has escaped from the cage, how to catch him so as not...

My Pet Mouse?

My pet mouse is almost at her 3rd birthday all the mice I have found have all been a lab mouse mine has not matter of fact total opposite of a lab never been fed anything but...

Getting A Bunny!?

I'm getting a black female bunny, any name suggestions?

My Hamster Died Suddenly?

We got my son a hamster about 6 weeks ago and it suddenly died two days ago. It was fine on Friday evening. I had cleaned his cage and given him new bedding on Thursday. By Friday...


how to calm a scared rabbit

Flemish Giant?

how to help calm down a scared flemish giant

My Guinnea Pig Is Around?

My guinnea pig is around loud television every night. Do they get used to the noise? I just got her.I know they are very sensitive.

Hi, I Would Really Like?

Hi, I would really like a rat, but we already have two guinea pigs, a dog, and six fish. My family does not think we have space, so I would like to look into other animals....
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