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Creme Rabbits?

what is the lifespan of creme rabbits

What Pet Don't Bite?

what pet don't bite


I believe I have narrowed my rabbits breed to a thrianta, but he is extremely nervous and doesn't like to be handled like the description says. I bought him from a farmer when...

What Do Hamsters Eat?

Hello all, I have two hamsters at home, and I want to know what they eat? Two days ago I fed them carrots and lettuce but they ate a little. I just worried about them, they are...

Are Carrots Poisonous To Hamsters?

Are carrots poisonous to hamsters?

Hey I Got My Mice?

Hey I got my mice about a month ago and they are now about 14 weeks. But just today i have noticed that one of my mice has black patches on her fur. She is white and brown but...

Guinea Pig Natural Habitat

What is the natural habitat of guinea pigs?

My Jersey Wooling Stopped Eating?

My jersey wooling stopped eating makes vomiting noises and hide under the bed she has reached puberty what can this be please help


What makes a good companion for a Havana bunny

My Hamster?

Hi, My hamster loves licking me, can you tell me why

What Animal Do I Get?

I'm from australia and my mum doesn't want a big animal because we have a small apartment. what s=animal should i get?

What Plants Can I Dry For My Rabbit

Hi, I have a few questions about drying plants. In winter I dry prop nettles and dandelion. What else can I dry? Do corn leaves work as well? Lady Aurora

Treats For Your Pet Mice?

Hi my name is jasmine I have recently purchased pet mice I was wondering if Berber baby finger puffs could be deadly for them someone help me plz Tanks

How Many Rabbits Can One?

How many rabbits can one dwarf hotot have in a litter

My Cat Brought Me A?

My cat brought me a mouse he was totally fine I lost him in my room how do I find him he is wild and the bucket method won't work he can jump really really high.......please help...
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