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Lost Hamster?

I lost my hamster and I do not know what to do it has almost been a full day and I have set hamster food and Walnuts raisins and carrots and no touch. I looked under beds in closets...

Purchasing Champagnes?

Is there anywhere within driving distance of Louisville, KY where I can purchase these?

Oh Help Me!?

Help my tongue is black!

Florida White?

i bought 2 florida whites today. one has pink eyes and the other one has a blue eye and is blind in the other eye. is that normal for a florida white to have blue eyes? the store...

What Is The Best Hamster Toy?

my hammy is bored and i want to buy the best toy please help!!

Rabbit Shedding Heavily

as winter came my rabbit seems to be shedding much more than usual is this normal or shedding period should have been over by now?

Do Hamsters Bite?

do hamsters bite and how often and why does it happen if yes, i want a pet for my 3 year old kid but i want it to be a safe pet, thanks for your replies in advance

How Hamsters Poop

How often do hamsters poop? I'm getting one soon so I need to know. Thx.


can my hamster cu hrt self. becouse she sims to have been cleaning her slef and then cut her self but wath wories my is her eye is like a raisin then abit past the eye she has...

I Have A Rabbit, My Gf Wants A Cat...

My gf just moved in with me and wants to get a kitten. Hank, my rabbit, stays in a cage in the house during winter. Will her kitten end up stressing my rabbit and stay bugging...

What Is A Good Choice?

what is a good choice of bunny. good: cute fluffy playful aloud in the sun medium sized bad: cant be aloud out in the sun really fat big ugly non-playful yes sorry i am very...

Are Rabbits Generally As Cuddly?


Rabbit Breeds

Hi to everyone! Can you please tell me what rabbit breeds are most popular to keep as a pet? and which are easiest to take care of?

Rabbit Habitat

hello all ^^ we want to get a pet rabbit not sure if it's fine to keep him in an apartment all the time? i mean i don't think i'll have time to walk with him on the leash so i...

Rats Back Leg Is Swollen?

I went to play with my rat today and noticed that he was rolling his behind over to one side instead of laying flat like he normally does. I looked and his hind leg is completely...
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