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Colors Of French Angora Rabbit?

Colors of french angora rabbit

Chinese Hamster Cages

I'm looking for a good cage for my new Chinese hammy who's arriving soon. I'm trying to choose between Ferplast Mini Duna and Ferplast Kios. Which is better in your opinion?

I Have Lost My Hamster?

i have lost my hamster and i think it as left the house please help

I Look Like Having A?

I look like having a belgium hare soon due to someone not looking after it I have read cage sizes etc would it be unrealistic to think in time with training if the housing was...

Fresh Fruit & Veg For Hamster?

Hi we just got a 2month old Angora Hamster and wondered when we could feed it fruit&Veg as extra to his diet..

Why Is Iceberg Lettuce Dangerous?

Why is iceberg lettuce dangerous for a hamster?????

Are Rabbits Friendlier Than Dwarf?

Are rabbits friendlier than dwarf rabbits

Lilac Rabbit?

what are some really awesome facts about the lilac rabbit?

American Fuzzy Lop Care?

so im thinking of getting an American fuzzy lop but i still need to know some things about them. how easy are they to take care of? i know they're going to need alot of attention...


Hello all , I have recently lost my 2 little rat babies Both due to old age ,I miss them and would love 2 more .dose anyone know if I have to get a new cage as the boys suffered...

Old St.Pepper My Hammy?

my hamster is very old still living but lately his pee has a really bad odor i don't know what to feed him or what not to feed him I've been feeding him meat ,broccoli and radishes...

Litter Box Trouble?

My cat all the sudden will only go pee in litter box but not poop. I have not changed the brand of litter or the placement of the litter box. Not sure what to do with her.

How Do Hamsters Hibernate?

I've heard that hamsters hibernate in winter. Does this mean mine will do this and how will I know about it then? How am I supposed to take of him during this period? I've only...

Star Fruit For Buns And Pigs

I was wondering if anyone knows whether or not Star Fruit (I'd only be giving them each a small piece, probably only today and not anytime in the future) is safe for Guinea Pigs...

American Lop Bunnies

I am wondering where I can find an American lop bunny in Canada, or that can be shipped to Canada.
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