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Overall Description Of An American?

overall description of an american fuzzy lop rabbit?

Oranges For Rabbits

Another question: wanted to know how often you should feed them oranges? And above all, with or without the orange peel? I can't imagine them peeling off the shell in nature. I...

Checkered Giant Rabbit?

What is their life span? How big do they get?

Rabbits - Indoors Vs. Outdoors?

I was just wondering everyone's opinions on keeping rabbits indoors to keeping them outdoors? What do you think is better for you and more importantly, better for the rabbit(s...

Flemish Giant?

how long does it take to become a adult

Hamsters Acting Strange?

My hamster keeps on biting her paw which she hasn't been doing its making me really worried

Lion Head Bunnies?

I just got a bunny (Lion head bunny) and i just wantted to know how long is it spose to live not that i want it to go.but my friend says that the aveage they live for is 7 year...

What Are The Classification Levels?

what are the classification levels for an english angora rabbit?

Can I Give My Rabbit A Shower?

Is it ok to give a rabbit a shower? Without using our soap of coarse.

Corn Snakes?

Hi! I'm 11 years old. My dad says once I learn the in's and out's of a corn snake i can have one. I already know a lot about them but i have some questions. 1) Do i leave my...

How Many Babies Can A?

How many babies can a American Fuzzy Lop have

Why Hasn't My Hamster Been?

Why hasn't my hamster been drinking her water?

Hairless Guinea Pig For Sale Uk

anyone knows where i can buy a hairless guinea pig in the uk? thx

Can Rabbits Eat Basil?

As far as I know fresh parsley is okay but how about fresh basil?

Breeding Rabbits?

how old do Palomino rabbits have to be to breed them?
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