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Should I Always Leave Dry?

Should I always leave dry food around for my hamster

Guinea Pig Won't Sit Still

My guinea pig won't sit still in her cage, she runs all over the place. When I take her on my arms to walk with her around the room she'll try to jump out! Is this natural guinea...

Teddy Bear Hamster

What is a teddy bear hamster? A breed or what? I've heard about them several times but I still can't understand what that means.

What Is Ideal Temp For?

What is ideal temp for silver fox rabbit

Havana Bunny?

My havana bunny is tearing continiously wat causes this and how do i fix it?

I Have Had My Hamster?

I have had my hamster for 3 weeks now and it is not very friendly sometimes it bites me and it does not let me pick her up is it a matter to wait and see if she changes.

Lop Eared Rabbit?

Are lop eared rabbit born with the ears drooping or do they droop gradually in the weeks after birth?

How Do U Catch A?

How do u catch a rabbit that got lost in a big house

Bumps On Bunny's Ears

I noticed weird looking bumps on my bunny's ears. They are round like warts, on a stem slightly thinner than themselves, the same color as the skin, and about 3mm size. Any ides...

Mice Life Span

How long should I expect pet mice to be with me?

Do Mice Bite

Do pets mice bite and if yes how can I choose one that doesn't bite when I handle it?

Rat Swollen Leg

Hello friends, I need help urgently please, my rat's leg is swollen and I'm panicking!! It started 2 days ago, the swelling was little and I hoped he'd recover. But today the swelling...

Do Dwarf Rabbits Bite

do pet dwarf rabbits bite when theyre handled?

Are Mice Nocturnal

If mice are nocturnal, how do you enjoy interaction with them?

How Can I Get A Rabbit Used To Harness...

Hi all, is there a way to get a rabbit used to a harness? I'd like to walk him on leash but I'm not sure if he'll be OK with it and whether it's a right thing to do at all. Any...
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