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Hamster Breeding Cages?

How to hamster breeding cages work?

Rabbit Not Eating!

Hello... I need help and advice about my 5 y/o dwarf rabbit. A week and a half ago he stopped eating his regular pellets. It was very sudden and very weird. Since then he's only...

Cute Hamster Names

Hi all, we're getting a new hamster soon Collecting some ideas, do you have any ideas for cute hamster names?

Hamster Bites HELP

So I got a 5 months old hamster. He's been with me for two weeks and I still can't handle him coz he tries to bite me!! How do I stop this?

Do All Hamsters Have Black Eyes

Do all hamsters have black eyes or there are species with brown or red eyes? I know some rats have red eyes.

Do Dwarf Rabbits Get Big?

Do they remain small in adulthood too or they're only small when they're babies?


Why do hamsters stink? How can I keep my male dwarf hamster from stinking! I woke up this morning and his cage stinked really bad! And I clean he's cage every week

My Rabbit Has A Wart/Other Growth On His...

My rabbit has had a wart/growth on his neck for about three years+. It has always been small and just about a month ago it started to grow. It is now larger, but doesnt seem to...

Baby Rabbits?

Hello I was wondering how many babies rabbits get on average? And until when should they stay with their mother? Merci and bye!

Need Your Advice Urgently!! (Rabit's Red...

I have a rabit. He's been having reddish urine for about 2 weeks.. what is it?? O_o Thanks in advance.

Are Rabbits Sociable Pets?

I'm going to get a rabbit but I'm not sure if it will need a companion to stay entertained. Please advice.

How Often Do Have Your Rabbit's Teeth...

As the title states, am wondering if any rabbit owners can let me know how often in average you have your rabbit's teeth shortened at the vet?


which rabbits are the most popular for showing?

Hamster Are SO Smart!!

My friend has a hamster as well and she told me that she always gave her hamster some cotton so that he can make an igloo with it. The other day I cleaned tha cage, and put some...

What Is The Best Bedding?

What is the best bedding to buy for my hampster
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