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Are Rats Smarter Than Dogs

ok this is controversial but i'd just like to know your arguments sustaining or disproving the thought rats are smarter than dogs. i do think they're smarter because scientists...

Colour Changing Mouse?

is what it says on the the tin. my mouse is changing colour it was white but slowly is starting to turn black ive tried to research on it but all i get is pages of computer stuff...

How Do You Feel About Rats?

What are your feelings towards rats? Are they nice or disgusting?

Hyper Active Hamster

Heya peeps! I have a question about my dwarf hamster. In short, I think he's got a perpetuum mobile inside LOL! He's been living with me for 3 months and he's the most active hamster...

What Breed Is My Bunny?

I was wondering if anyone could tell me the breed of my bunny! I think the lady who sold it to me said lion head but I think it may be incorrect. My instagram is thank you...

I Have A Cold, Can I Infect My Hamster...

I have a cold with all its 'pleasures' a running nose, cough, snots, and sneezing. I'm afraid to handle my hamster because I don't want to infect him. Can hamsters catch a cold...

Hamster Adaptation?

We got a hamster yesterday but he's been very timid and shy since we brought him home. How much time a hamster needs to get used to a new place?

Flowers Poisonous For Hamsters?

I love taking photos of my hamsters among flowers but every photo session I have to stop their attempts to eat the plants. Hence my question. What flowers are safe for hamsters...

Rabbit Mix?

what is a rabbit mix with im getting a rabbit and i dont know

Can Hamsters Eat Chocolate Biscuits?

I can give my syrian hamster chocolate biscuits or not? Please answer. Thx.

Rabbit Mixed Breed?

I was wondering: I own a rabbit that is a mix of two breeds but I can't figure out which breeds. I think he may be part English Spot or something but I can't tell. Could someone...

Sick Hamster?

hamster is lifeless but breathing, has had grapes

I Have A Cold And?

I have a cold and I gave it to my hamster I can't go to the vet but what can i do to help her other than keeping her warm she sneezes and her nose clicks

Best Hamster Breed

Hi there what hamster breeds are best to keep as a pet?

Hamster Lost?

How to find a lost hamster I got her 1 day ago I've looked everywere
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