Well just got home, it was dark already, opened the gates and as I was driving up the driveway I saw Kittycat on the lawn playing with something, so I stopped and turned my brights on, to my surprise there she was playing with a Rat almost 30cm with tail long. hehe. I just hope she don't bring it in the house while we asleep.Emotion: smile
Wow!! Kittycat is one brave cat, it seems! Barsik would never bring us anything but a little bird. You have a great hunter, hehe. I remember a village cat we used to feed a long time ago (when we spent summer in a village); in the end, he caught a huge rat about the same size and was playing with it gladly in front of the door... I was 12 years old that time and it did impress me. Emotion: smile
Holy cow, 30cm? Go Kittycat Emotion: muscle
Does she often bring you presents? Hehe
As the recent reseach showed, Kittycat proved a MALE so now should be called Dextor. Go, Dextor, go! Emotion: muscle Emotion: giggle