Hello friends, I need help urgently please, my rat's leg is swollen and I'm panicking!! It started 2 days ago, the swelling was little and I hoped he'd recover. But today the swelling is twice as large and scary to look at!! The closest vet isn't a pro in rodents and I'm hesitant to take Oliver any farther because he never tolerated roads well! Please advice what to do!!
sounds like a fracture or strain to me! do you notice any breakage of the skin? you can treat the inflammation with ibuprofen, i have done that many times! grind up just under a quarter of the tablet and mix it in a soft tasty food. give the rat a tasty treat after that to mask bitter aftertaste. give ibuprofen only once a day until you see improvement. cold compresses can be good too. luckily most broken legs in rats can heal themselves.
btw does his cage has a wire floor? if yes get rid of that cage and get a new one!! wire floor cages are very traumatic and have caused many injuries to rats! the floor must be solid.
oh i forgot to say it can also be bumblefoot! you'll see red bumps and lumps on the bottom of his feet... he'll most prolly need antibiotics then so you'll have to see a vet.