Hi everyone!
What's the difference between keeping rats and mice as pets? Which are more fun to have and easier to care? Thanks!
they both can be cool and your choice should be based on what you want from a pet rodent! rats are great to interact with and they're affectionate and can play games with you and mice are fun to watch but don't expect of them too much friendliness. rats actually NEED interaction because they're sociable and if you can't spend a lot of time with them you need at least two rats. mice should also be kept in company but with rats it's more crucial. rats need a bigger cage. no matter who you choose you need to clean the cage every week or more often. rats urinate in one spot usually and mice urinate everywhere in the cage so be sure to clean tubes and wheels! when you take rats out of the cage they're likely to stay with you, sit on you and play with you and everything a mouse will want to do is to get down on the floor. g'luck making a decision!
I agree with Minnie, I own 2 rats and I have to clean their cage once every week and I have to play with them sometimes. They like getting out of their cage every once in a while to explore, but if you do that you need to watch them so they wont get lost. And I you have other animals make sure they can't get to the rats, and shut the door so the animals can't get in when the rats are exploring.